Our Focus

The focus of Documemories LLC is to memorialize special events, people, or pets using high quality videography equipment. Theses memories can then be effortlessly accessed using a Quick Response (QR) code. We aim to bring you absolute joy as we bring the essence of your memories to life. The categories are unlimited! Please feel free to browse all of our saved options, and if there is something you have in mind, but don't see it as an option, please contact us to discuss what your special event might be and we will make it happen! 

Other Services Provided 

  • Go Green Digital Résumé
  • Go Green Business Cards

This service is designed to eliminate sales brochures, and to minimize radio, and television cost.  The Going Green Card is designed for resale, allowing the retailer to recoup the cost incurred from the actual commercial, and to gain more profits by eliminating the sales brochures, and other advertisement fees.

services we offer

From Birthdays To Weddings Let Us Capture Your Special Moments